Dragon Flower Design

I recently designed a stencil for the awesome artist Mary Beth Shaw who is the owner of StencilGirl Products. If you haven't yet checked out her web site, you're missing out on some fantastic creative stencils.

Below are two paintings I created using the 'Dragon Flower' stencil I designed for StencilGirl Products. These paintings were fun to do and the stencil really opened up all sorts of creative possibilities for me. I kept them simple, and the big difference between the two is color palate.

The first panting, 'Sunburst', the palate is a split complementary, and the second painting, 'Flourish', is more or less primary colors minus the green. I plan to paint more using different color palates. I'm thinking about doing a pastel painting--to help Spring make an appearance soon. Anyone else ready for warmer days?

You can get my Dragon Flower stencil at StencilGirl Products, as well as other super fun stencils.

'Sunburst' using Dragon Flower Stencil

Up close of 'Sunburst'

'Flourish' using  Dragon Flower Stencil

'Flourish' using Dragon Flower Stencil

Up Close of 'Flourish'