Pippin Schupbach

16 Before '16

I was inspired by the creative marketing guru Lisa Jacobs 16 Before 2016: A Goal-Setting Challenge, and below are 16 goals I would like to achieve by 2016. 

1. Finish Lisa Jacobs's Your Best Year 2016: Productivity Workbook and Creative Business Planner. This book is chalk full of helpful information, tips, and worksheets. It's going to require me to make a pot of tea, sit by a cozy fire, and fill out the worksheets. I am looking forward to this task.

2. Figure out what to do with the painting below. I am a bit stuck and want the piece come together as I envision it in my mind. 

Work in progress. 

Work in progress. 

3. Organize my first art sale via my Etsy shop.

4. Design holiday card for this year.

5.  Get professional photographs of my paintings via ArtSquare. 

6.  Finish the rug in the picture below. This project is taking longer than I expected, but at least I am watching good movies in the evening while braiding the fabric. 

7. Run at least 20 miles a week.

8. Be okay with myself if I don't run 20 miles a week.

9. Yoga twice a week.

10. Create Xmas budget and stick to it.

11. Make Bukharan Plov for husbandman. I made this ridiculously delicious dish last year when he was out of the country for three months. It's a bit time consuming but well worth the effort. 

12. Wake up at 6am at least five days a week. Right now I wake up between 6.30-7.00, and feel better myself on days when I wake up at 6am.

13.  Don't say yes to every X-mas party and event this year. I learned my lesson the hard way two years ago around the holidays, when I overloaded my schedule and had two anxiety attacks. In order to avoid these attacks I have to take it easy, especially around the holidays.

14. Eat cheese only one day a week. I love the stuff, and noticed when I cut back on dairy I feel better. Cheese and coffee and my vice, and I am willing to tapper back on one.

15.  Create photo book of our camping and hiking trip last year through Scotland. Scotland is one of the most scenic countries I have traveled through, and yet I don't have a photo book of our trip. It was a fantastic trip where we hiked over 120 miles through the country. I would hike those miles all over again in a heart beat!

16.  Finish watercolor series. Started a fun watercolor series in August, and would like to add at least two more to this series. 

I encourage you all to  join this 16 before '16 challenge. I think it's gonna help me have a strong finish to 2015!

New Watercolor Series

I recently dusted off my watercolor supplies, and started to create fun paintings with them. I forgotten how unforgiving watercolor is. Once the paint is on - that's it. It's a one time shot with these guys. For years watercolor is all I painted in, and got comfortable in the medium. Watercolor is especially nice because it does not stain clothes, as most of my clothing has acrylic paint or ink stain!

Here is a sneak peek of my watercolor paintings. A whole series will be for sale soon in my Etsy shop. So keep a look out!

'Surprise Flower' - Watercolor 8'x8'

'Surprise Flower' - Watercolor 8'x8'

'Choir Flower' - Watercolor   8'x8'

'Choir Flower' - Watercolor 8'x8'

Digital downloads print of my original artwork is available now via my Etsy shop. All prints are high resolution JPEG formate, and  will fit a 8"x10". These prints are only $5.00, and will make a great Mother's Day gift! 

Show your mom how much you love her with one of these happy and pretty prints!

Module 2 Surface Pattern Design Course

It's been a loooong time since I last posted on my blog. Busy summer with family matters, and a fantastic trip to Scotland. Also, my husband was also gone for three months in Scotland, which meant more time for creative projects!

One such creative project was completing the Module 2 Course Creating your Professional Identity, instructed by designer Rachel Taylor and entrepreneur Beth Kempton of Make it in Design company. Wow! It was full of ample information, and often I felt overwhelmed and always behind on projects.

Below are pattern collections I designed in the class. I truly felt like I was pushed out of my comfort zone with each assignment. I felt it was a trans formative experience.

Lemon Raspberry Pattern

Lemon Slice Pattern

Raspberry Pattern 

Lemon Tart

Second Project: Make it in Design Summer School

The second project theme for Make it in Design Summer school was animal print. I am not a big fan of animal prints, and this project forced me to step out of my comfort zone. Which is always good thing.

Below are my some of my designs.

My final project and really love this design. I used ink spots I created last spring in the Module 1 course.

Love the heart  peaking through the spots.

This design is a bonus palette, kinda like extra credit. Same animal theme but different palette. Can't say I really like it, but wanted to experiment with the color and design elements.

I wanted to add some elements from the beginner class theme which was tribal, and I love the theme.

I wanted to add some elements from the beginner class theme which was tribal, and I love the theme.

Trying different colors and elements. It's an okay design.

This one kinda hurts my eyes!