Holiday Cards

Mint Challenge:: Need your Vote

I have entered another Minted challenge and this time it's Holiday cards. I know it's too early to start thinking about the Holidays, but in the world of greeting cards now is the time to start on '16 season.

Below are two of the designs I've submitted and they might look familiar as they are old designs that I re-worked a bit. 

This is where I need your support as I am asking you to cast a vote for my designs. That is only if you like what you see. No pressure!

In order to vote you will have to create an account. Which is easy peasy. Also, for your vote to count please select a number from 1-5 scale. If you select 'Like' that doesn't count as a vote. 

Click the below link to get started. Thanks in advance for your help!

This little owl looks so warm as he is snuggled up on the branch for a cold winters night. There is a couple of owl that live in the park near us, and I often see them on my early morning runs. Sometimes I call out to them and they answer me back. They are amazing creatures.   

I grew up in the mountains of Colorado and had many snow days where the neighborhood kids built snowmen. Often we would create a family of them with colorful hats and scarfs. Snowmen are dear to my heart as they bring back warm memories of my childhood. 

Thanks in advance for your help! 

Hope you are enjoying the beginning of your summer.

Results of 16 before '16 Challenge

Happy New Year! I am relieved the holidays are over, and I can re-enter my life feeling revived and refreshed from my time spent in Colorado. 

Want to share my results from the 16 before '16 challenge that was inspired by the creative marketing guru Lisa Jacobs 16. I am please with what I achieved, and felt I had a strong finish for 2015.

1. Finish Lisa Jacobs's Your Best Year 2016: Productivity Workbook and Creative Business Planner. 
In progress. I am half way through this book, and have enjoyed the challenged to plan out my 2016. 

2. Figure out what to do with the painting below. 
Made a couple of brush marks, but it's far from done. I hope to complete it this month while I enrolled e-course Daring Adventures in ABSTRACT Painting. 

3. Organize my first art sale via my Etsy shop.
 Done: This task wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. Learned what to           differently next time. 

4. Design holiday card for this year.
    Done. I designed my favorite holiday card yet. It was fun playing with the snowflake     design

5.  Get professional photographs of my paintings via ArtSquare. 
Done: Appointment scheduled this Sunday the 10th. Ten photographs of mine will be professionally photographed. I am super jazzed about seeing the results! 6.

6. Finish the rug in the picture below. 
Done. Love the rug and so does my dog Jake. 

7. Run at least 20 miles a week.
This happened only one week. Most weeks it was more like 12-15 miles. Gone are the days when I could crank out 25 miles.

8. Be okay with myself if I don't run 20 miles a week.
Done. I was completely okay with not achieving the 20 miles on a weekly basis, which is huge for me. 

9. Yoga twice a week.
Done. Got into the habit of practicing yoga twice a week, and sometimes I had to do my own practice. 

10. Create Xmas budget and stick to it. Created a digital download to help me track my expenses. 
 Done. This year my family gave stocking stuffers, which we all agreed was more fun than drawing names. I gave small fun useful items and homemade peach jam from our peach tree.


11. Make Bukharan Plov for husbandman. I made this ridiculously delicious dish last year when he was out of the country for three months. It's a bit time consuming but well worth the effort. 
Done. This was an amazing feast, and we shared the meal with some dear friends of ours. 

12. Wake up at 6am at least five days a week. 
Done. I am now getting up five days a week at 5.30. Feeling very productive and good about myself by noon.

13.  Don't say yes to every X-mas party and event this year. 
Done. Self care was my mantra this past holiday season. I got plenty of sleep every night and cut back on the sweets. I felt clear headed and focused all holiday season.

14. Eat cheese only one day a week.
Done. Yay for me! This was a hard one, as my husband and I love cheese. I only ate cheese one day a week expect for christmas through new year's.

15.  Create photo book of our camping and hiking trip last year through Scotland. 
I plan to make this for our 5th anniversary this June. I really wanted to complete this, but I got busy with holiday tasks. 

16.  Finish watercolor series. Started a fun watercolor series in August, and would like to add at least two more to this series.

Imaginary Flowers

Imaginary Flowers

This is almost done. I am submitting this series to Minted art challenge. Deadline is the 12th.

Pat on the back to me for completing most of my tasks. Now back to finishing the watercolor series and finishing up Your Best Year 2016: Productivity Workbook and Creative Business Planner by Lisa Jacobs. 

Light :: Happiness :: Reflection

Today is winter solstice which marks the shortest day of year and the first day of winter. To me it means spring is not that far away. It's a day when I start to savor more of the daylight as we move into the coldest time of winter. This is a time of year when I reflect and think about the good in my life, and give myself permission to be a homebody. I go into hibernation mode and spend most nights reading by the fire with my husband and dog. I call it the good life. 

This time of year I am also more aware of the possibility for peace, love, happiness, and gratitude. I feel my heart has a chance to open more and connect to others happiness and light. 

Below is the Holiday postcard I designed this year and the photo on the back is me with my husband and sweet dog Jake. The photo was taken on our summer trip to my home state Colorado. 

I share my holiday wish with you and may you all be surrounded by love and warmth!