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I have a love for geometric shapes and patterns, thus painting more geometric theme pieces. There is something I find centering working with right angles and straight lines. Every shape has its place and they fit together so nicely. Maybe the shapes give me order in my mind that is often jumbled and distracted with so many projects I vision in my mind. At one point in my education I took an drafting class where everything line had to be made with a straight line - I mean every line down to the text. It was a very hard class for me as I don't like to always be exact - but if you are building a house you need your drafting person to be exact! 

I transferred the skills I learned from that drafting class to many of my paintings but added a bit of messiness to them. 

I already sold two of the four paintings. To purchase one click here. How can one pass on FREE DOMESTIC ORDERS!?

Free Digital Download Birthday Card

I don't about you guys, but I have been consuming a ton of ice cream lately. I simply love ice cream and can never say no to the stuff. It really is my weakness. 

My love for ice cream has inspired this fun ice cream birthday card. 

I've made easy to print-at-home birthday card to help ease the time and effort finding the perfect card. 

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