Pink is the Color

I am overflowing these days with creative energy. It's a wonderful feeling and one I wish came my way more often. 

I can contribute this burst of energy from a fun class I took withwhich was Daring Adventures in Abstract Painting. It was a five week course that explored color, abstraction, layering, and mark making. The key word was play. And play I did.

Below are some of the paintings I completed in the class. 

Orange Surprise - 18"x24"

Orange Surprise - 18"x24"

Up close Orange Surprise

Up close 'Clouds'

More Pink themed paintings. Seems to be the color of the moment. 

Surrend - 18"x24"

Cotton Candy - 28"x22" -  All the colors one can eat in cotton candy.

Up close Cotton Candy

Painting flowers was one of the lessons, which was my favorite lesson. Currently painting a whole series of flower paintings that will be available in April. 

Myrtle 12"x16" - Named after my Grandma who wore these colors. 

In progress stayed tuned for the final piece. 

Enjoying the process of these paintings, and look forward to share more.