Minted Challenge :: Need Your Support

I finally got the courage to enter a Minted challenge. This challenge is partnering with West West Elm and will select winning art prints from this challenge. West Elm will select 50 pieces from this challenge, and 10 of these pieces will be exclusive to West Elm. 

This is where I need your support. Below are the eight watercolor pieces I submitted for the challenge and if you like what you see - please give me a vote!

In order to vote you have to create an account. Which is easy peasy. Also, for a vote to count please select a number 1 through 5 on the scale. If you only select 'Like' that does not help my standing.

Click the below link to get started. Thanks in advance for your help!

Watercolor Series - Imaginary Flowers

Who doesn't love ice cream? 

Ice cream is my weakness, even in the dead of winter with the temps below freezing. If only soft serve ice cream came in purple and yellow! Now that would be a dream come true!