Projects from Summer School with Rachel Taylor

Summer is just about over and wanted to share my projects from Summer Design School with Rachel Taylor. The first project listed the theme was  classic fonts and your own hand-drawn fonts used in a quote. I had to stick to a specific set color swatches, and prefer when someone else picks the color the theme. I used the quote "Now is the Right Time" by Lotus Sutra, which is one of my favorite quotes that I have posted on my desk. It keep me motivated to start projects AND to complete them. 

Next project the theme was Deep Summer Psychedelic and was to inspired by summer, oceans and the sea. Which was easy for me as I lived by the ocean for 15 years. The green pattern was my favorite and plan to order some fabric via spoon flower. Maybe make some pillows? 

Deep Summer Board Pattern Pippin Pippin Schupbach