Light :: Happiness :: Reflection

Today is winter solstice which marks the shortest day of year and the first day of winter. To me it means spring is not that far away. It's a day when I start to savor more of the daylight as we move into the coldest time of winter. This is a time of year when I reflect and think about the good in my life, and give myself permission to be a homebody. I go into hibernation mode and spend most nights reading by the fire with my husband and dog. I call it the good life. 

This time of year I am also more aware of the possibility for peace, love, happiness, and gratitude. I feel my heart has a chance to open more and connect to others happiness and light. 

Below is the Holiday postcard I designed this year and the photo on the back is me with my husband and sweet dog Jake. The photo was taken on our summer trip to my home state Colorado. 

I share my holiday wish with you and may you all be surrounded by love and warmth!