Take a Little Trip

Would like to introduce my new bike stencil series (sold exclusively at StencilGirl), and to share three paintings I created using my stencils. The bike stencils and paintings were inspired by my love of cycling.

For the first two pieces, I combined the bike border with the bike cruiser stencil, and lots of color. I love color! The materials I used were a fine point marker, charcoal, pastels, and acrylic paint.

The last painting I used the cruiser bike from the border stencil, and a fine point marker to trace the design. For the background I used a page form an old book, and glued it on the canvas with gel gloss. To give the piece character, I applied distressed ink with charcoal around the edges.

'Enjoy the Ride'

I enjoyed the creative and fun ride using these stencils, and I hope you do too!