January Goals

Rose Buds
December Goals
  • Finish large painting for my art show at Ray at Night Art Walk Dec 11th Yup did it!
  • Make enough money at the Art Walk to pay for my entry and then some - Yup did it!
  • Try not to get sick again until next December (Caught the flu in November) - Did get sick for the third time this winter. Anyone else suffering the never ending cold?
January Goals
  • Create new banner for blog and Etsy shop.
  • Approach two stores in San Deigo to see if they will sell my art. (Gulp)
  • Not get sick for a month!
As per usual keeping my list simple. There has been some stress on the home front, so best not to add to it. Plus I don't to push myself too much and get sick again!

Good health to all!